Excellent Tips for Unforgettable Yummy Corn BBQ

You want to grill your corn and, well though you have some idea about the basics,
we must say it is not just a matter of placing the corn on the grill. Excellent
corn BBQ is both a science and art. Let’s get to the details of how to BBQ

Get the right corn

What do we mean here? Well, for the best grilling experience and great taste always
ensure you get the freshest corn possible. This is corn at peak season picked
as close to grilling as possible. This is the only way you will have the corn ears
that smell sweet, are free of blacked tassels and are firm when pressed

Prepare the corn

First things first. You need to get the corn ready for the grill. How? Pull the outer
husks all the way down to the base then strip away the silk from the ears of the
corn by hand. Make sure you leave some husk intact; yes, just remove some of
the husks. This is vital as it will prevent your corn from drying out as you
grill. Moreover, these husks will effectively steam the corn as you BBQ it.
Once you are done, fold the husks back into their original position. Up to hear you are through with phase one.

To soak in brine or not

Next, which is part of the science, you might have noted that some grillers soak
their corn in brine before grilling it. Well, the idea here is to season and
plump the corn. But does this practice add any value? Not exactly, if the corn
is to take salt from the brine, you would have to soak the ears for a number of
days losing valuable sweetness in the process. In addition, if you follow our earlier
advice and buy fresh juicy corn, brining it will not make it any juicier.

The actual grilling

Grill the corn over direct heat. This will give it ideal doneness. The direct heat works wonders with the husk
to steam your corn to excellence. Never mind, the husk will blacken and burn in
the process but that is what makes removing the husk much easier. So how will
you know when you are done? The meal will bright yellowish while some parts of the corn will char as the husk burns away. All in all, covered fresh cobs usually take about
15 minutes to cook. Of course, this will depend on your grill.


finally, you will some of the ears having amounts of silk and husk clinging to
lightly charred golden corn. Remove the ears from your grill and let the corn
cool for about five minutes. For excellent results try to serve the corn
immediately. You can season with pepper, butter, and salt although in the real
sense your choice of toppings depends on your preference. With these tips on
how to BBQ corn, you are well on your way to a yummy corn BBQ.

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