Guide to Clean Different BBQ Grill Grates

Eating barbequed dishes is awesome and cleaning the grates of
the grill just the opposite of that. Cleaning the grill grates can become a
nuisance if you do not know the proper methods to do it. I have often seen people
struggling to clean the grill grates after cooking meat, as the residue of
the meat is very hard to clean. However, after reading this article you would
be able to clean your BBQ grill grates easily and cook your favourite dishes
without ruining its taste. So without beating around the bush, let’s go:

Different types of Grates:

If you have bought a barbeque grill in the past then you must
know that grill grates can be made of three materials, iron, stainless steel
and porcelain. In this section, I will tell you the difference between these
three grates. I will also tell you how to clean them.

Iron Grates:

These grill grates are very durable. You can use them for a
long time without worrying about them. They can also tolerate extremely hot temperature
. You should keep them away from water otherwise these grates will rust
. The best way to clean them is by using a nylon brush to scrub off the
surface and then applying oil to avoid rusting. You can heat the grill grates
before cleaning them to burn off any food residue from them.

Stainless steel grates:

Stainless steel is one of the best materials for BBQ grill
grates as it is not only very durable but it is free from corrosion as well.
However, it can rust in certain conditions. It would be better if you keep them
at a safe place too. To clean stainless steel grates you should use a nylon
brush. You should heat the grill grates to burn-off any leftover food (if there
is any). Cleaning these grill grates is easier than that of iron grates.

Porcelain grates:

I personally love porcelain grates, as they are durable and
rust-resistant. Even if you accidently put water on porcelain grates, it will
not rust. The problem in these grill grates is that they can be damaged very
easily. You should avoid using metal or sharp utensils while cooking on
porcelain grill grates, as they can scratch the protective layer and expose the
grates to water. The process of cleaning these grates is straightforward, just
heat the grill grates for 15 minutes to burn-off any food and then clean it
using a soft brush.

Now you know how to clean BBQ grill grates made from
different materials, you can go and cook your favorite BBQ meal and enjoy it
with your friends and family. You should remember to maintain the cleanliness
of your BBQ grill by cleaning it once (or twice) a week.

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