Mastering the barbecue: 5 rules to remember

This is a perfect season for grilling and enjoying outdoor
food preparation. If you wonder how to bbq right, just follow these 5 simple
rules. Invite your friends over and show off with barbecue perfection.

1. Take your time – make a marinade.

The golden rule of a good barbecue is marinating the meat in oil and
spices for a few hours before grilling. Ideally, leave the meat soaked in the
marinade a whole night before preparing it. Don’t forget to add some acid into
the marinade. I recommend lemon juice or vinegar, as it will prevent the
development of heterocyclic amino acids at high frying temperatures. We bring
you a perfect marinade recipe: your favorite barbecue spice mixture, parsley, olive oil, salt,
garlic, pepper and lemon juice. Enjoy!

2. Use extra grease.

If you are using white meat, such as chicken and turkey, avoid
experiencing frustration when it sticks to the grill. Here’s the trick: soak the
baking paper with oil or butter and go over the heated grill blades before
putting pieces of meat on them. No frustration, guaranteed!

3. Don’t ever place cold meat on the grill.

You already know that frozen and cold meat should never be
placed on the frying pan, right? Similarly, it is advisable to let the
marinated meat reach the room temperature before putting it on the grill. In
this way, you will not “shock” the meat with heat. The result: better
color, texture and taste.

4. Thickness is the key to perfection.

A piece of barbecue meat must not be too thin, as it will
easily become too dry. On the other hand, it should not be too thick either, as
the edges would burn, while the middle would remain raw.

5. Try managing the optimum temperature.

Heat control is very important. If the temperature is too
high, the meat will have a black color, unpleasant taste and, more importantly,
it will not be very healthy. If the temperature is too low, you will have the
cooking effect, which you surely want to avoid when making a bbq. However, you
will manage to control the heat with practice.

In the end

I believe that the following tips make a
difference. All types of meat you prepare on the grill can take just one overturning.
If you overturn the meat several times, the result will be dried up piece of
meat with rather poor taste. Let’s not forget tons of vegetables! I recommend tomatos, red, green and yellow peppers, as well as zucchini. Prepare lots of fresh salad as well. A trick I like to surprise my guests with lately is grilling several apples and serving them with meat.

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