Tips On How To Remove Barbeque Sauce Out Of Clothes

Having a hard time removing stains of Barbeque (bbq) sauce from your clothes?

The bbq sauce is a favourite for most people, many like it smokey, while others prefer it hot and spicy. Barbeque sauce usually tastes great when it is well prepared, and the recipe of bbq sauce can be mustard, tomatoes, or vinegar and oil.
However, removing the stains of bbq sauce from your clothes can be quite difficult. So, in this article, we will be sharing some few tips on how these stains can be easily removed out of clothes.

Tips on how to get bbq sauce out of clothes

As most people already know, removing bbq stain from clothes can be very hard and quite tasking. Reasons for this is because the sauce not only leaves an oil residue on the fabric of a cloth, it also leaves a visible discoloured spot on it as well.
The bbq sauce stain even tends to be more obvious on clothes that are bright in colour.
For instance, having a bbq sauce stain on clothes that are white, pink, or green in colour will be very tough to remove ordinarily. However, there are some ways such stains can be easily removed from any type of cloth regardless of the colour.
Here are some tips you can use to get bbq sauce out of clothes easily:

Soak the cloth in water

Just like you would do with a dirty dish, soak the cloth in a warm water mixed with detergent and leave it there for some minutes. Doing so will help loosen the sauce stain from the fabric of the clothing and automatically clean out the stain.

Add vinegar

After soaking the cloth, the next thing you’ll need to do is add vinegar to the spot of the stain. Then scrub out the stained portion using a kitchen sponge.
The purpose of adding vinegar is to repel the oily residue stain from the fabric.

Machine wash or rinse out

After completing both steps above, if the fabric of the cloth is machine washable, the only thing left is to run the cloth normally through a washing machine.
But if the fabric of the cloth is not machine washable, you’ll have to rinse the cloth in water over and over until the desired result is achieved. That’s all!
Bbq sauce stain on clothes are always very stubborn to remove, but making use of the above-mentioned tips will help in removing these stains completely out of your clothes.

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