The perfect pout: The dos and donts in getting a lip filler

Not everybody was born with perfectly plump lips, like those of Angelina Jolie. Nevertheless, you can still accomplish that voluptuous pout without surgery! Just take a lip filler Gold Coast clinics can provide.

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With just one needle shot, you can improve your kisser’s size and shape. If you are considering this procedure in the near future, here are some dos and don’ts you need to know.


  • Consider your face proportion. What matches Kim Kardashian might not be ideal for you; so, you need to be more practical with your goals.
  • Inform the Gold Coast lip filler facility regarding any type of medications and allergic reactions you are having; you may bring with you your medicines if you’re vulnerable to getting any cold sores.
  • Consult professionals regarding any kind of Botox shots. You might intend to receive some before the fillers. These can adjust your mouth into a neutral position for an extra all-natural look.
  • Pick a lip filler in Gold Coast that contains hyaluronic acid. This is safer and longer lasting, unlike collagen.
  • Bring photos of what you want to attain with your procedure. Similar to when you’re going to your hairstylist, your lip filling specialist can get you better results if they have a guide.
  • Wait at least one week for your kisser to heal before you attempt to get the contour or size adjusted to what you’re aiming for.
  • Apply ice to the affected area after the treatment to reduce swelling or wounding. Stay clear of using it directly; instead, wrap it with a soft towel.


  • Even if you get a lip filler Gold Coast women trust, it will be useless if you keep smoking. Regular puffing can exacerbate any kind of wrinkles as well as great lines you might be attempting to remove.
  • Seek treatment from a person who isn’t qualified or fully-trained to perform the job. Fillers are different from fundamental shots, as they call for skill and experience to administer.
  • Take high doses of vitamin E, anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as aspirin before the enhancement. These cause blood thinning and heighten the dangers of blood loss and wounding.
  • Massage or kiss something 48 hours after the shots. Keep in mind that any lip filler Gold Coast residents can get is flexible. It might move around despite a little pressure.
  • Get the therapy prior to a massive event. It’s likely that your kisser will swell—you don’t wish to show that personally or on pictures.
  • Consume alcohol or warm beverages on the first three days after the treatment, as this can bring about more bruising as well as swelling.
  • Expect the enhancements to last permanently. Like with many other cosmetic treatments, you require to go back to the clinic for a retouch.

If you decide to find lip filler Gold Coast wide, contact nothing else than All About Face Skin Clinic. They have a team of certified cosmetic surgeons to perform their treatments. And, they use only high-grade products, so you will be obtaining the results that you really want.

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